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Everest Legal advises entrepreneurs, businesses, start-ups, non-profit organizations and family firms about: incorporation, amending articles of association, transferring business to a next generation, restructuring, acquisition, merging, splitting, entering into joint ventures and corporate governance.

everest legal notariaat familierecht


Everest Legal advises is your advisor in matters like clear regulations regarding your estate. Often a balance needs to be found between multiple parties. In a personal approach we can advise you on the best way to accomplish your wishes.

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Everest Legal operates in a national and international field. We assist foreign parties with interests in the Netherlands and Dutch parties with operations / assets abroad.

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Our goal is to build a sustainable relationship with each client. We want our clients to constantly experience that they are the key persons in our advisory.

Everest Legal stands for high quality, fast and service-oriented legal services in the areas of corporate law and family law.

Everest Legal

Everest Legal is a dynamic, agile notary office, specializing in corporate law and family law. We distinguish ourselves in these specialties, fast and accurate service at fair prices and direct (digital) communication.

From a business law perspective, we work for a variety of medium and large companies, nonprofit organizations, start-ups and family businesses, both nationally and internationally oriented. From family law perspective we can assist you with arranging your personal legal affairs, but we can also gladly help you in your role as executor or administrator in inheritance matters.

As an independent notary office, we are the ideal advisor for entrepreneurs, businesses, family businesses and personal legal (family) affairs.