Donation/ Estate Planning

During your life you can also donate money to a charity fund or to your loved ones. For example, because you want to give one of your children or other loved one a financial helping hand.
By making a donation your can often save inheritance tax. You can make use of the exemption of gift tax on a yearly basis. The highest rate in the inheritance tax can sometimes be prevented by making a donation plan. We think along with you about the best way to shape a donation.

Did you know that it is possible to make a donation on paper? You will create a debt and amount guilty and only pay the annual interest to the recipient. This could be interesting for (grand) children but also for gifts to cousins or non-relatives.

Have you ever heard about the family bank? You could lend money to family or friends, who can use this to buy a house or to pay off their mortgage. You will receive interest and redemption. You may also want to establish a mortgage to obtain assurance about repayment.

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