Way of acceptance
If you receive an inheritance, you’ll need to think carefully about the way of acceptance. You do not want to be liable with your personal capital for any debt. So make sure you are properly informed as soon as possible.

When you accept an inheritance beneficially, you must provide an inventory and liquidation of the succession. This you must submit for inspection at the estate notary for creditors. At your request, we act as estate notary or liquidator of the heritage.

Performing certificate of inheritance
A certificate of inheritance is not mandatory, but it is almost always necessary. A bank or other official body needs to know for sure who the heirs are before funds are released. We check whether there is a will made and present the conclusions in a certificate of inheritance.
Settlement of the legacy
The settlement of a legacy is a lot of work and may take a long time. Sometimes things are unclear to heirs or there are conflicting interests. Sometimes it is better for the conversation if a notary is present to clarify things or to come up with creative solutions. This way, the settlement of the heritage can proceed more smoothly.

Perhaps you are hesitant to the settlement of an estate. We can take over from you: by providing a discrete clearance of the house, performing the inheritance tax declaration and by organizing and calculating the division of property.

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