Last will

Last will

Everyone has a legacy. This includes all assets and debts that are left behind when someone passes away. The legacy is divided among the heirs. As a bequest, you can leave certain objects or sums of money to someone or to a charity.

Discuss your will at least once every five years with your civil-law notary. We are happy to assess your current will for you.

Settlement of a legacy

When you create a last will, you want it to be respected. The person of the executor or administrator is decisive in this matter. Unfortunately, the execution is not always flawless. We are experts in settling a legacy. We stand for a respectful and thorough management of your estate and are happy available to act as executor.

A last will is a good investment. It gives a comfortable feeling when important issues for after your death are well organized. This will avoid problems in the settlement as much as possible. We are accustomed to think with you and to explain complex issues clearly.

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