Marriage and cohabitation

Are you getting married or registered as a partner? Then the law automatically arranges that all your assets and liabilities are jointly owned. Do you not want this? Then you need to set up an arrangement with your notary.
A cohabitation agreement is often a prerequisite to let your spouse be eligible for a survivor’s pension. A mention to the pension fund is also often a requirement. An agreement also establishes what happens to, for example, your home and your pension if the relationship would end. A heritage can not be governed by a cohabitation agreement. For this, you’ll always need a will!
Married / registered partnership
With your notary, you determine which assets and debts of you together, and which are not. In addition, you can still include all kinds of regulations. For example, on sharing the costs of the household, sharing of pension and settling the capital at the end of the marriage. The conditions allow you to share in the capital of your partner but to not be directly liable for the debts of your partner (such as a student loan or debt because of a company). Are you an entrepreneur or is there a chance that one of you will later start a own company? Make clear agreements in advance to better structure and protect your capital.

Also prenuptial and partnership conditions may be amended or even abolished. We are happy to check your terms and we can tell you whether a change in the terms will have benefits for you.

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