Trustee and administration

Not everyone can take care of themselves in every way, or can control the finances. For example, by an intellectual disability, addiction or dementia. To prevent others from abusing the situation, the cantonal court can appoint a trustee, administrator or mentor. This person makes decisions for the person about the necessary care and finances.

Trusteeship, administration and guardianship are several measures to protect people who can not make good decisions for themselves.

  • Government is meant for those who can not regulate their own financial affairs.
  • Mentoring is about making decisions about the care, nursing, treatment and rehabilitation of the person concerned.
  • Trusteeship is intended for people who can not manage their financial and personal affairs. Persons placed under trusteeship are incapacitated.

Application for a trusteeship, receivership or mentorship does not require an lawyer.

To determine for which measure of protection to apply and for filling out the application and provide the annexes, it might be helpful to get legal assistance from a lawyer or notary. We are happy to guide you in this application. We can also assist you when you are appointed as administrator, tutor or curator yourself.

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